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类型 消耗品
等级 高级
饥饿度恢复 100
口渴度恢复 100
重量 0.4
ID 13601


描述[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Thousands of years past, when the Giant-kings ruled the land and the arena was active, there was a human gladiator named Tyros. Tyros was a fighter such as the world had never seen - legend had it that he was a descendant of the legendary Kull of Atlantis. One of the many names that were ascribed to Tyros during his gladiatorial career was that of Dragonslayer. It was said that the appearance of Tyros in the arena was enough to drive the beasts wild with rage. This offering, however, was the more likely cause. Before every battle it was burned on the sacrifice altar and the smoke from the offering was said to drive any within the arena into a mighty frenzy - perhaps even reaching across the boundary between life and death.

来源[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

原料 产出 制作时间 (以秒为单位) 经验值获得量
1 Icon demons bane.png XX Demon's Bane
1 Icon rotten devil s bonemeal.png 腐烂的魔鬼骨粉
1 Icon arena ritual offering.png 竞技场仪式供品 300.0 9