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生命值 125
性格 有侵犯性
掉落 [[兽皮]], [[美味生肉]], [[骨头]]

鬣狗是流放者柯南中的一个生物。 Known to attack in packs, it is not recommended to be fought early-game.

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The hyena is a fairly common animal in Conan Exiles. Once a player obtains a 石剑, they will be able to fight at least one off without dying. Though, when multiple hyenas attack, especially in the early game, it's best to run away as they'll wreck you if you stay and fight.

As their movement speed is higher than that of humans, you better start running when you see more than one hyena locking you as a target. Try to outrun them through deep waters (as they are slow swimmers) or between rocks or trees. Jumping off low cliffs is another viable but not reliable tactic.

When Hyenas attack, they cause a detrimental effect called Crippling Blow. This impairs movement for a short time. While Crippling Blow may only affect you once, when it is applied in conjunction with Crippling Poison from a Spider you will not be able to move.

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