Reinforced Stone Hatch Door

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Master Hatchmaker

Reinforced Stone Hatch Frame
Reinforced Stone Hatch Frame
A hatch frame made of reinforced stone
类型 建筑物品
建筑物生命值 70000
建筑伤害等级 默认
最大堆叠 100
重量 1.5
ID 90286

Reinforced Stone Hatch Frame流放者柯南中的一种建筑

描述[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Every structure that has ever fallen to an enemy has been breached somewhere. And the breach point, more often than not, is the door.

A door is only as strong as the place where it is anchored and many a would-be warlord has come to grief when their solidly constructed door was torn off at the anchor point.

The difference between a king and a pauper might just be the entrance to his kingdom.

来源[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

原料 产出 制作时间 (以秒为单位) 经验值获得量
5 Icon ingredient hardenedBrick.png 烧硬的石块
2 Icon ingredient plank.png 塑形木材
1 Icon ingredient steel reinforcement.png 钢质加固框
1 Icon t3 trapdoor frame.png Reinforced Stone Hatch Frame 5.0 4787

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